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How Do You Avoid Becoming a Target?

You are the descendant of thousands of generations of ancestors who managed to survive when it really wasa jungle out there. So your instincts for survival in the far less threatening environment of your school should be more than adequate—assuming you obey them.

  • Avoid the bullies. Teachers and administrators may be oblivious to who is a bully, but students know perfectly well. If you are just entering a school, befriend students who have been there a while, and learn who the troublemakers are.
  • Avoid places where bullies hang out. Why tempt fate?
  • Be hard to predict. If you think a bully may be trying to set up a confrontation en route to or from school, thwart him by varying your route, departure time, arrival time, etc. Bullies aren’t generally blessed with much patience. He may decide that you are more trouble to pin down than you’re worth.
  • There is safety in numbers.Walk to school with other people. Carpool to school, and avoid being alone in the parking lot. Try not to be alone in hallways, locker rooms, restrooms or empty classrooms
  • If you’ve got it, DON’T flaunt it.Never bring expensive possessions or large amounts of money to school with you. Bullies pick on people they can take things from. If you are confronted by a bully demanding something of yours, don’t fight over it. Nothing you have is worth a serious injury.
  • Don’t act like a victim.Predators learn very quickly that they will be most successful if they single out and concentrate on the most vulnerable looking members of the herd. Walk with a confident stride, with your head up and an air of self-assurance, and you are far less likely to be singled out than if you skulk along the edges of the crowd, eyes downcast, as if you are trying to become invisible.
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