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Teen Sucide Quiz

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Although no social, economic, or ethnic group is immune, one group dominates the suicide statistics in this country. Which of the following is it?

True or False? While their numbers are comparatively small, the suicide rate among Native Americans is far greater than the national average.

Teen suicide statistics have undergone marked changes in the past generation. Which of the following most accurate reflects the changes?

True or False? Men dominate the suicide statistics, but women try to kill themselves far more often than men.

True or False? Since two-thirds of those who attempt suicide suffer from depression--a clinical psychiatric diagnosis--it is fair to say that, on the whole, suicide is an insane act.

While some suicidal people successfully conceal their intention to kill themselves, there are often warning signs of an impending suicide attempt. Which of the following is NOT among them?

True or False? People who talk about committing suicide never or rarely attempt it.

True or False? If you think someone is contemplating suicide, under no circumstances should you raise the issue directly. If you do, you might precipitate an attempt.

Each suicide leaves behind a number of people who are profoundly affected by the death. What is the best estimate of the average number of these 'suicide surviors' for each self-inflicted death?

Which of the following is NOT among the recommendations for attempting to help someone who has lost a loved one to suicide?

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