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Relational Aggression Quiz

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Girl bullies typically do NOT use which of the following approaches to attack their victims?

This type of attack is called?

True or False? Girl bullies, unlike their male counterparts, are likely to be attractive, popular, socially adept and especially well liked by adults.

True or False? Boys bully to establish social rank, girls bully to determine inclusion.

Which of the following is NOT a factor in the choice of relational rather than physical aggression as the predominant form of female bullying?

True or False? Girls rigidly equate the concept "popular" with the quality "well liked."

True or False? A girl who is a member of a clique ruled by a ruthless Queen Bee is less vulnerable to relational aggression than one who is not.

Which of the following is NOT a factor in the current status of bullying via the Internet, Instant Messaging, e-mail and blogging?

Which of the following are among the responses noted among victims of relational aggression?

True or false? Like physical aggression, the intercession of one friend or adult can bring a relational attack to an almost immediate end.

You or a friend are targeted in a serious social bullying campaign. Should you seek the involvement and support of a responsible adult?

True or False? Boys have traditionally all but ignore social aggression as a means of bullying their peers.

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