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In drug abusers, OxyContin® has been linked to at least 120 overdose deaths nationwide, even though it has been on the market only five years. These deaths are difficult to count because of the many other oxycodone-containing drugs on the market and because many deaths are caused by taking the drug in combination with other drugs, such as alcohol.

Here are just a few of the terrible stories associated with this dangerous drug.

"Man pleads guilty in OxyContin® death" The Associated Press reports that a Virginia man, Gregg Wood, pleaded guilty to murdering his friend with an overdose of OxyContin®. The victim, Nicholas Dickerson, asked Wood to inject him with OxyContin® because Dickerson was partially paralyzed and couldn't do it himself. Dickerson later died. Wood tried to conceal the circumstances surrounding the death by moving the body, but was eventually convicted of the murder and sentenced to 81 years in prison. For more details, read the entire article at:

Two sentenced in OxyContin® death of UF student

This report appears in an Associated Press article reprinted on the WTSB-TV News Web site in St. Petersburg/Tampa, Florida. Two fraternity brothers, formerly students at the University of Florida were convicted in charges connected to the OxyContin® death of a third fraternity brother. Ying Che "Dan" Lo and Naeem Diamond Lakhani provided the victim, 19 year-old Matthew Kaminer with the OxyContin® tablet that he took orally, and that killed him. Both of the convicted men were sentenced to jail time, two years of house arrest, and fifteen years of probation, along with 120 hours of community service per year during their probationary periods. Lo received a longer sentence because he diverted the drug from a pharmacy where he was employed. Even though the death of their friend was unintended, both were aware that providing him with the drug was illegal. For more details, read the entire article at:

Dad Arrested In Son's OxyContin® Death

The Associated Press and report of a man charged with second-degree murder in the OxyContin® overdose death of his son. Paul Breaux and his wife, Roxanne, were allegedly using the drug repeatedly in a suburban New Orleans motel room. With them were their two young children, ages 3 and 7. Their 17 year-old son, Derrick, arrived at the motel later in the day. Paul Breaux allegedly injected Derrick twice with the drug. When the teenager died, the family left him in the motel room, taking their drugs and needles with them, then called 911. A few weeks later, Mr. Breaux hanged himself in jail before he faced trial for the boy's death. For more details, read the entire article at:

21-Year Old Missourian Overdoses on OxyContin

The Springfield, Missouri News-Leader reports on the OxyContin® death of 21-year old Brandon Bowers. Bowers received a prescription for the drug to treat back pain. Before long, he began taking the drug against the doctor's instructions (injecting it, rather than taking it orally) and became addicted. On April 30, 2001, he gave himself one too many injections and died. In the same area of the country, the Ozark Mountain region, two women and five other men are known to have died of OxyContin® overdoses in recent months. For more details, read the entire article at:

Critics seek new OxyContin® curbs

The Associated Press reports in the Cincinnati Enquirer about a number of OxyContin®-related deaths in the Ohio and Kentucky area. Cindy Fugate, 16, lost her mother. Norma Ratliff lost her son. Franklin McIntosh was convicted of a bank robbery he committed to get money for OxyContin®. The OxyContin® problem is widespread in the area, with Kentucky police arresting more than 200 people on one day in February 2001. Law enforcement officials in the area are calling for new controls on the drug. For more details, read the entire article at:

Deaths linked to painkiller raise fear

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that oxycodone-related deaths are growing phenomenally in the Philadelphia area. The drug was implicated in 17 Philadelphia-area deaths in 1999 and 41 deaths in 2000. By July 2001, 39 deaths in the area were related to the drug, with six months of the year left to go. For more details, read the entire article at:

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