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What is Salvia divinorum?

Salvia divinorum is a member of the mint family. It is an herb that resembles sage and is native to the Sierra Mazateca region of Oaxaca, Mexico. However it can also be cultivated indoors or outdoors under warm, humid conditions.

The plant grows in large clusters that reach over three feet in height. The bright green leaves reach as long as nine inches and there are white and purple flowers. But the most characteristic trait of the Salvia plant is its hollow, square-shaped stems.

The Mazatec Indians considered Salvia a sacred herb, and it was used in tribal rituals to induce visions. Wadding up and chewing the fresh leaves were the most common way of taking the drug, but the dried leaves can also be smoked or brewed into tea. Salvia can also be converted into a liquid extract and then inhaled through vaporization.