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Oxycontin Quiz

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OxyContin® is closely related, chemically, to which illegal drug?

The active ingredient in OxyContin® is also found in the prescription drug:

Doctors prescribe OxyContin® to treat:

OxyContin® is better for some patients than other oxycodone brands because:

OxyContin’s® manufacturer did what to try to decrease abuse of the drug?

Opioids like OxyContin® function by mimicking which type of brain chemical?

What makes it possible for OxyContin® to contain such high amounts of oxycodone without killing or otherwise harming patients?

Which of the following is not an effect of opioid painkiller abuse?

If someone dies from OxyContin® overdose, what is it that kills him or her?

By what percentage have oxycodone-related emergency room visits increased since OxyContin® was introduced in 1996?

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