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Self Injury Quiz

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Which of the following is NOT an element of Self-Injury (SI)?

What is the estimated number of people in the U.S. who practice self-injury?

Which of the behaviors is common to the practice of self-injury?

True or False? SI is usually an attempt to draw the attention of others to the psychological pain being suffered by the self-injurer.

True or False? It is generally believed that SI is most common among teenage girls and young women.

True or False? Depression is the most common psychological state triggering self-injuring behavior.

Which of the following is considered a possible source of self-injuring behavior in adolescents and young adults?

True or False? The desire for physical pain to counteract the emotional suffering within makes self-injurers particularly aware of and sensitive to the pain of their deliberate injuries.

Which of the following psychological diagnoses is NOT currently associated with superficial/moderate self-injury?

True or false? A diagnosis of SI rules out suicidal tendencies as a characteristic of self-injurers.

True or false? Despite the broad range of diagnoses associated with self-injurious behavior, there is general agreement on Dialectal Behavior Therapy as the treatment of choice for SI.

True or false? Despite the strong negative reaction most people have on discovering that a family member or friend is self-injuring, they must recognize that ultimatums regarding the behavior never work.

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