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AIDS prevention


Since there is no cure for HIV and AIDS, prevention is the best way to make sure you will not be affected by this disease. You can take certain precautions to prevent yourself from being infected with HIV/AIDS or transmit it to others.

Abstain from engaging in sexual contact with a person who might be infected with HIV. If you are a teenager or young adult, avoid having sexual contact (oral, vaginal, and/or anal) until later, since the risk for developing STDs in general increases at a younger age.

If you feel you are ready to be involved in an intimate sexual relationship, make sure you are in a mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected person.

Also, if you decide to be in an intimate relationship always have protected sexual contact. This includes the use of a latex condom or any type of barrier (e.g., female condom).

Alcohol and drug use affects and impairs the ability to make sound decisions. Refrain from being intoxicated when making decisions about intimate relationships.

You should not be involved in IV drug use or any other situation that might put you at risk of exchanging needles. Exchange of HIV infected needles (e.g., IV drugs, steroids, piercing, tattooing) can greatly increase your chances of getting HIV/AIDS.

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