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Preventing Genital Warts

Preventing Genital Warts

Avoiding contact with affected areas prevents genital warts. The virus spreads through skin contact of the affected area of an infected person.

The best 100% surest way to prevent spread of genital warts is through abstinence. Avoid having sex until being in a mutually monogamous relationship, where you only have sex with each other, will help you prevent getting and spreading STDs.

Also, delay having sex until older, since younger adults and teenagers are at higher risk of developing any STD.

Try as much as you can to avoid making decisions about having sexual contact with someone while intoxicated. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs, might impair your judgement.

If you do decide to have sexual contact with someone else, make sure you learn about his or her sexual past. For example, ask him or her if they have had or have been tested any STD. Both of you should consider being tested before becoming intimate. If you determine that both are free of any disease, then talk about sex.

Even using latex condoms, might not prevent the spread of genital warts. It has not been determined if latex condoms prevent the spread of the human papilloma virus. However, using latex condoms might reduce the risk of developing genital warts and cervical cancer. If you use latex condoms, make sure they cover the affected area. Otherwise, genital warts will spread through contact.

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