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Marijuana Quiz

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What is the proper, biological name of marijuana?

What is the name of the active chemical in marijuana?

How long does it take for marijuana to reach peak levels in the brain?

How long after smoking marijuana are mental and physical abilities weakened?

What percentage of teenagers try marijuana at least once before graduating from high school?

Which of the following statements is the most true?

How does risk of lung cancer for a marijuana smoker compare to a tobacco smoker's risk?

THC 'mimics' which neurotransmitter in the brain?

Which of the following is not true about amphetamine overdose?

Which of the following is not a short-term negative effect of marijuana use?

Does marijuana deposit tar in the lungs, the way tobacco smoking does?

How does marijuana affect a male's ability to father a child?

What effect does marijuana not have when used during pregancy?

What is amotivational syndrome?

Which of the following signs of addiction do most marijuana abusers not suffer?

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