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Syphilis Prevention

Preventing Syphilis

Abstinence is the best way to prevent all sexually transmitted diseases. Abstinence from oral and genital (vaginal, anal) sex is actually the 100% surest way to prevent a sexually transmitted disease.

If you do decide to have sexual contact, it is suggested that:

  • A latex condom or other latex barrier is used during each sexual encounter.
  • You are in a mutually monogamous relationship, where both you and your partner are only involved with each other.
  • You do not decide to have sexual relations when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Using drugs or alcohol can affect your ability to make healthier and sensible decisions.
  • Try not to have too many sexual partners. The risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease increases with the number of partners you have.
  • Go get tested regularly, like once a year by a doctor or at a clinic. A regular exam by a doctor or nurse that includes testing for sexually transmitted disease should be done regularly.


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In the Know: STI Pamphlet Package