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Methamphetamine: Fools Rush In

Methamphetamine ("meth") can take a novice user and transform him or her into a speed freak in record time. Methamphetamine tempts users with dramatic bursts of energy, talkativeness, and excitement. On meth, users don’t need sleep or food, and they can keep going and going for hours. Meth "energy" lasts a few hours, and then slams the user into an exhausted, weak, drug-craving crash.

Under the influence of meth, users feel "wired" and edgy. They are often unpredictable, acting friendly and sociable, and then suddenly lashing out in suspicion and violence. Many users compulsively repeat meaningless tasks for hours or pick at imaginary bugs on their skin until it bleeds.

The methamphetamine crash makes users feel depressed, anxious, paranoid, and aggressive. They are typically exhausted and shaking. Above all, they usually crave more methamphetamine. When users begin to crash, they start looking for more meth. Even first-timers will binge and crash on the drug until they run out of money or become too mentally disorganized to continue.

Meth hooks users easily because the highs are so intense and the lows are so painful.

In addition, methamphetamine is more widely available, at lower prices, than most other illicit drugs. Unlike cocaine or heroin, methamphetamine can be purchased easily in small towns and large all across the United States, especially in the West and Midwest. Plus, it costs about 1/4 as much as cocaine and its high lasts 12-20 times as long.

Methamphetamine ruins abusers’ health. It causes brain, heart, and kidney damage, among other physical effects. It quickly ruins a heavy user’s appearance. Lack of sleep and nutrition and the effects of the toxic chemicals in the drug ruin the complexion, and waste away the body. Plus, abusers typically clench their jaws and grind their teeth until the teeth crack and the enamel wears away. Plenty of young meth abusers have lost their teeth or required thousands of dollars of dental work to save them.

Methamphetamine is an evil drug. You can hardly stay far enough away from meth or meth users, because its effects reach far out into any community where it is used.

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