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STD Treatment

Treating STDs

After testing, usually comes treatment. STDs should not be left untreated. Don't be afraid or embarrassed, get treated. Some STDs can cause serious health problems. Some health problems caused by STDs include cervical cancer, brain and heart damage, liver disease, inability to have or father children, and even death.

Treatment can be very simple. Sometimes, treatment might consist of one pill, such as with one dose antibiotics. So do not avoid treatment it can prevent many bad health effects to your body. Each specific STD will have a specified treatment associated with it. Testing by a health care professional will determine the type of treatment necessary.

Do not try to self-medicate. Self-medication can worsen the problem or make you think you are cured while in reality you might be still carrying the disease. This includes douching. Avoid douching, since it destroys the natural protective bacteria in the vagina. Go to a doctor, nurse, clinic, community health center, public health department, or hospital for treatment. For more information, you might consider calling STDs' hotlines

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