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Bullying Quiz

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Which of the following is not one of the three conditions defining bullying?

In Europe, researchers found that about 15 percent of students were involved, as victims, bullies or both, in bullying behavior. In the U.S., the figure was found to be...

True or False? Bullies are typically individuals with low self-esteem, who build up their egos by humiliating others.

Where do most bullying incidents take place?

Which of the following is NOT one of the characteristics that physical bullies typically have in common?

True or False? Eighty-five percent of bullying incidents in early grades occur in the presence of onlookers.

True or False? The great majority of students say that watching someone be bullied makes them uncomfortable.

Which of the following is NOT among the problems frequently suffered by victims as a result of bullying?

True or False? Bullies were found to be healthier and mentally stronger than their victims, and therefore escape long-term consequences for their oppression of others.

True or False? A majority of students in a Midwestern survey in the mid-90s thought bullying victims were at least partially responsible for being selected for persecution, and that bullying toughens a weak person.

Which of the following is NOT among the negative behaviors carried into adulthood by bullying victims?

Which of the following are steps to take in order to avoid being targeted by a bully?

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