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You've been friends with Kyle since third grade, but in the last couple of years, he has been hanging out with the "stoner" crowd at school. Kyle offers you pot every time you go over to his house. You have said no each time. This is offer #4. W

Your friend Molly used to have a cute figure, but lately she has really started to get skinny. She tells you she's been taking prescription amphetamines to lose weight. She has plenty for you if you want some. What do you say?

You’re at a dance with some some Ecstasy for $20. What do you do?

You’re double-dating with your buddy Jeremy, his girlfriend, and her very pretty cousin. One of the girls brought a bottle from her parents’ liquor cabinet. They all add some to their sodas. What do you do?

At lunch, someone at your table flashes a can of some aerosol cleaner. He says sniffing it makes him totally high. He says no one will be able to tell what you’ve been doing and it’s harmless. Three or four people get up to go find a hidden place to sniff

People start passing a joint at a party. It’s coming your way, and you’re panicking. What are you going to do when it’s your turn?

Your best friend’s parents both smoke cigarettes. You think smoking is disgusting, but your friend and her parents are like your second family anyway. Your friend starts smoking, and her parents don’t even try to stop her. What do you do when she offers y

A group of friends is going to the movies. Someone in the group offers you all LSD doses. Someone else offers to lend you the money when you say you don’t have enough.

Your date tells you that her brother has some sniffable heroin. She says that since you don’t have to inject it, you can’t get HIV/AIDS from using it. Plus, her brother told her it isn’t addictive if you sniff it. Her brother will give it to her for free.

You hear that some other guys at a party have some GHB they’re going to slip into girls’ drinks so that they can have sex with the girls while they’re unconscious. The guy who tells you suggests that you could "get in on the action" if you wante

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