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Dating Violence Quiz

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On average, how many teens will at some time experience abuse from a dating partner?

True or False? The responses of boys and girls to abuse by dating partners is essentially the same.

What percentage of high school girls report knowing someone their age who has been hit by a boyfriend?

True or False? Eighty percent of girls in abusive relationships remain in those relationships.

Which of the following is not a necessary stage in the development of an abusive relationship?

True or False? To qualify as violence, the abuser must physically injure his victim.

True or False? A girl should feel flattered if a boy insists he doesn't want to be around anyone but her.

Which of the following justify remaining in a relationship in which you are not comfortable?

Your boyfriend shoved you around, but now he says he really loves, you, that he's truly sorry and he will never do it again. Should you believe him?

Which of the following might lead a girl to remain in a relationship that is turning abusive?

True or false? A girl shouldn't listen to gossip about her boyfriend abusing other girls, as long as he is treating her properly. Even if it's true, people can change.

True or false? Because they are larger and physically stronger than girls, boys aren't really susceptible to true dating abuse.

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